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Ed wrote this commentary on Romans:

Romans has been called the greatest letter ever written. Paul’s Epistle, or letter, is absolutely foundational for the Christian faith. It is also quite technical and complex, baffling many readers. Ed Landry has been a missionary for over 35 years and has been teaching Bible at all levels, from Seminary courses for pastors to home Bible studies for everyday folks. This is an easy-to-read commentary that most from High School and up can understand. It avoids many of the deeper theological terms and uses easy English or clearly explains the harder terms. No commentary on Romans is simple but this work is about as easy as it can be and still retain the meaning of the work. No passage is ignored , even the controversial and more difficult ones.



Ephesians, the letter Paul later wrote to the church is one of the greatest works in Christianity. It is also complex and often confusing to readers today. This easy-to-read commentary is meant to give the reader a grand overview of this foundational book of the Christian faith. The author has been teaching pastors, church planters and Bible teachers for 35 years.